comprehensive eye exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

  • Comprehensive eye exams for all ages with our Doctor of Optometry

  • A wide array of contact lenses, including disposables, multifocals, and contacts for astigmatism

  • Medical treatment for eye conditions, including dry eye, allergies, glaucoma, and infectious disease

 Our comprehensive exams also include:

  • Dilation

  • Detailed refraction

  • Visual analysis and eye health evaluation using Optovue technology

  • Recommendations and instructions detailing any necessary eye care

Contact Lenses

Our Optometrist and Optician enjoy fitting a variety of soft contact lenses including:

  • Spherical

  • Toric (for astigmatism)

  • Multifocal

  • Monovision

  • Modified Monovision

  • Colors

  • Daily Disposables

We have a large selection of lens trials in stock and available for your appointment and most of our patients can leave with at least one type of contact lens to try out. We love our new contact lens wearers and are always happy to teach those who are interested in trying lenses for the first time!

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can lead to serious complications. Don’t spend four hours at the ER waiting for eye care. Don’t wait until Monday. Call us at 850-474-0300 to schedule an emergency appointment with our Optometrist. Emergency eye care is one of the many ways Midtown Dental and Vision strives to provide exceptional service. Meet our team of exceptional eye care professionals or learn more about choosing your perfect pair of eyeglasses.


specialty contact lenses

Mini Scleral and Scleral Contact Lenses

Our office offers extended contact lens services including fitting scleral and mini or semi scleral contact lenses. These lenses offer a great benefit to patients who are often told by other practitioners that they are not good candidates for contact lenses for a variety of reasons including:

  • Dry eye

  • Irregular corneas

  • High powers

  • High astigmatism

  • Allergies to soft contact lens materials

  • Decreased clarity in vision with age

More and more patients are dropping out of soft contact lenses due to dry eyes and decreased visual clarity. Soft lenses move on the eye when the patient blinks causing a decrease in visual acuity, scleral and mini scleral contact lenses stay in place and hold a tear reservoir against the eye providing sharp, crisp vision and comfort throughout the day. These lenses come in a variety of options including multifocal and toric.

Soft Prosthetic Lenses

Through Orion Contact Lenses we are proud to offer patients that the option of soft prosthetic lenses. The lens is comfortable for daily wear and can be designed to match the color, pupil diameter, and iris diameter of the other eye as closely as possible. The lenses are offered with both clear or occluded pupils, underlay colors, outer iris rings, and inner iris starburst rings to make the prosthetic contact lens look as natural as possible so the patient can wear the lens with confidence.

Custom BioColors Contact Lenses

Are you interested in colored contact lenses but have been told your prescription does not allow for the purchase of colored lenses? You are not alone. Anyone with a higher power, astigmatism, steep base curve, etc. does not fall into the small window of todays colored lens options. Here at Midtown we are happy to be able to give our patients better options! Orion BioColors Contact lenses come in an extended range of powers including high powers and toric options; they come in a variety of base curves, iris diameters, and pupil sizes to offer you the best customized fit and the most natural color.

Orthokeratology (Ortho K)

Ortho K is the use of a series of rigid contact lenses worn overnight to correct a myopic (nearsighted) patients vision so they can go without glasses and contact lenses during the following days activities. Our office is excited to offer this service to our patients and it is available to both children and adults. Studies in Ortho K in children have shown to slow the progression of childhood myopia (Yueh-Chang Lee, 2012); and can be used on patients that have a combination of myopia and astigmatism.

Ortho K is reversible, and you can have corrective surgery in the future. If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for this treatment schedule your eye exam today and our doctor and optician will be happy to discuss your options with you!