comprehensive eye exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

  • Comprehensive eye exams for all ages with our Doctor of Optometry

    • A wide array of contact lenses, including disposables, multifocals, and contacts for astigmatism

  • Medical treatment for eye conditions, including dry eye, allergies, glaucoma, and infectious disease

  • Diabetic eye exams available

  • Pediatric eye exams starting at 6 months old. The AOA recommends children are seen before their first birthday, age 3, age 5, and every year once they are in school.

    • An estimated 1 in 5 preschool children have vision problems and 1 in 4 school-age children wear corrective eyewear in this country. It is incredibly important for the development of your child that they receive an in-person, comprehensive eye exam through 18 years old!

 Our comprehensive exams also include:

  • Detailed refraction

  • Visual analysis and eye health evaluation using Optovue technology and a dilated exam

  • Recommendations and instructions detailing any necessary eye care

Contact Lenses

Our Optometrist and Optician enjoy fitting a variety of soft contact lenses including:

  • Spherical

  • Toric (for astigmatism)

  • Multifocal

  • Monovision

  • Modified Monovision

  • Colors

  • Daily Disposables

We have a large selection of lens trials in stock and available for your appointment and most of our patients can leave with at least one type of contact lens to try out. We love our new contact lens wearers and are always happy to teach those who are interested in trying lenses for the first time!

In addition to your Comprehensive Eye Exam, we also offer extended services for

  • Eye Injuries and Infections

  • Specialty Contact Lenses for:

    • Irregular corneas

    • High powers

    • High astigmatism

    • Allergies to soft contact lens materials

    • Decreased clarity in vision with age

    • Custom Colors

  • Ortho K

Midtown proudly features cosmetic enhancements including:

  • Lumify Eye Redness Reliever

  • Lash Boost Enhancement Serum

  • We Love Eyes lid cleansers